Extra Mural Lecture By Narendra Nayak

EML Team 2012-'13, IIT Madras
An Extra Mural Lecture



Narendra Nayak

President, Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, on

The Need for Rational Thinking

Wednesday, 23rd January 2013 at 6.00 PM

IC&SR Main Auditorium

Rational thinking is integral to scientific temperament. Over the past years many unscientific practices have crept into scientific institutions.  Superstitions and dogma have offered hindrances to scientific pursuit. Rationalists and freethinkers have tried to expose many hollow claims made in the realm of science. Through the lecture, Narendra Nayak tried to bring some of these claims to the forefront and attempts to bring to the notice the rift between science and pseudo-science.

Narendra Nayak is a medical biochemist by profession and well known rationalist. He has worked for 28 years as a teacher of biochemistry at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. He was presented an award for outstanding services to Humanism at the world congress of the International Humanist and Ethical Union held at Oslo in August, 2011 and he is a national level master resource person for the NCSTC of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. He is also the president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, an apex body of more than 65 atheist, rationalist and Humanist groups in India and a member of Folks Magazine's Editorial Board. As part of his campaign to expose the so-called miracles and to debunk superstitions, he has conducted about 2000 demonstrations all over India as well as in Australia, England, and Greece. He has been featured in many television programs including the one on physical feats by the Discovery Channel, Is It Real? by National Geographic, The Secret Swami by the BBC and many others.


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Extra Mural Lectures Team 2012-'13